The 20 Most Expensive Tourist Visas for Americans

by Tommy Burson | March 24, 2014
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The 20 Most Expensive Tourist Visas for Americans

Many countries charge entrance fees to foreign visitors – including the U.S..  When the U.S. decides to hike up prices for foreign tourists entering the country, many countries, in turn, do the same for American travelers who wish to visit them. And some of those prices can be incredibly high. Ranging from a meager $15 (Vietnam) to $275 (Nigeria) – visas can quickly eat into your travel budget.

The lesson? When you're planning to travel to another country, always check whether you need a visa. If you’re uncertain, you can quickly search by country on VisaHQ. You can also see how much that visa costs. Streamlining the visa acquisition process, companies like VisaHQ even allow tourists to pay for their documents online and with a credit card, so you don’t have to speak with or visit a foreign embassy. Here's a quick list of the top 20 most expensive tourist visas for American citizens:

Nigeria: $275

Congo Republic: $200

Algeria: $191

Azerbaijan: $180

Brazil: $180

Russia: $173

Afghanistan: $160

Argentina: $160 (Reciprocity Fee)

Bangladesh: $160

Belarus: $160

Bolivia: $160

Chile: $160

Kazakhstan: $160

Kuwait: $160

Paraguay: $160

Qatar: $160

Sierra Leone: $160

Uzbekistan: $160

Libya: $155

Sudan: $151

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