10 People to Avoid on Airplanes

by  Amanda Black | Feb 12, 2013
Girl on plane
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I have a running list of people I tend to avoid on planes. So, if you find yourself falling into any of these categories, know that I will probably look (and maybe even walk) the other way if we encounter each other on our next flight.

1. The person with incredibly long legs
There is a seat back-button for a reason. It means I would like the option of stretching my back (and will always take it). I'd prefer that your knees don't dig into my lower back. On the other hand, I may not have long legs, but I would like to enjoy my leg space without you infringing (read: kicking me) upon my designated area.

2. The person who didn't wash their hands in the bathroom
Do I really need to explain how pivotal it is to wash your hands and keep things sanitary when you're packed in a small space with hundreds of other strangers?

Annoying People on Airplanes / <a href="http://edition.cnn.com/2009/TRAVEL/10/27/talkative.airplane.seatmates/index.html" target="_blank">CNN.com</a>

3. The seatmate with no knowledge of personal space
"Why yes, I would like to be moved to the exit row. Please and thank you."

4. The heavy drinker
Many things could go wrong, but none of them are good: throw up, spilling on me, the incessant need to use the bathroom, overly friendly drunks, belligerent drunks, kicked-off-the-plane drunks, the list goes on.

5. The sick or smelly person
This one goes hand in hand with the need to wash your hands on an airplane. I don't want to be stuck next to someone who is coughing all over me, not covering their mouth when they sneeze, or smells a little bit funky (a little bit goes a long way on planes).

6. The crying baby
I feel for parents with crying babies. Personally, I'm not that bothered by it, because there's not much you can do to calm a baby when their ears are popping and they didn't get enough sleep the night before; but, I do recognize that it can get pretty old on a cross-country or ocean flight...

Annoying People on Airplanes / <a href="http://comm107-1101.blogspot.com/2011/04/two-seats-is-better-than-one-by-alexi.html" target="_blank">Comm107-1101.com</a>

7. The overweight person
This is always a controversial topic, but it's pretty clear to me that we all paid for our own seats, so no one should take up anyone else's space. Stay out of my seat; it's only fair.

8. The talker
If I'm traveling by myself, I generally don't like to interact with other people (unless they're attractive). So when someone starts talking to me immediately after they sit down, I take that as a sign that I should put my headphones in or say I'd like to get some quiet reading done.

9. The tech-fanatic
There's a reason why there's an announcement to shut off all portable electronic devices – I may not know what it is, but I can only assume it's because hearing the sound effects of Angry Birds all flight long would be really annoying (to me).

10. The overhead bin offenders
There's a reason the gate-check person asked if you'd like to check your bag for no charge. IT WON'T FIT. No matter how long you caress and finesse it; you're still going to be that annoying person who has to go back down the aisle (holding everyone else up) to check it.

Annoying People on Airplanes / <a href="http://www.thefrisky.com/tag/flying/" target="_blank">TheFrisky.com</a>

I could go on an on – people who turn the lights on when you're sleeping, armrest hogs, people who constantly need to use the restroom (and chose the window seat), toddlers who kick your seat, women who wear short skirts (it weirds me out – think about everyone who sat there before you!).

Who are your least favorite flyers? Tell us below!

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