Awkward Travel Photos

by  Amanda Black | Feb 14, 2013
Family at water park
Family at water park / Halfpoint/iStock

Awkward poses, people, and situations. Sit back and enjoy as we bring you awkward travel photos every week!

Lobster pot
If those lobsters are alive, that's just cruel. If not, I'm not sure why they're even there. Either way, that hot tub is a bit crowded, dontchya think?

Baby on the loose; Bag lady
It looks like that baby has escaped the clutches of his dad's backpack. Don't jump!

Shouldn't you just accept the fact that your hair (and body) is going to get wet on a ride called Splash Mountain?

Animals gone wild
It's so considerate of the elephant to cover this guy's nose while he sneezes. I'm sure he wasn't going to do it himself.

Much like my dog, this lion doesn't care who's watching while he does his daily cleaning routine.

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