4 Destinations with Cheap Fall Flights

by  Shawn Wellington | Jul 26, 2017
Flight over Paris
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Though we’re squarely in the dog days of summer, it’s the ideal time to start thinking about your next trip -- in particular, how to save on it. While airfares tend to rise during the summer months in the U.S. -- largely to account for an uptick in leisure travel as weather improves and children are out of school -- those able to push their quintessential summer vacation just a few weeks can save hundreds of dollars.

August 22 (or thereabout) is when most U.S. airlines will adjust prices back down for autumn, expecting that most school-age children will be back in class. However, warm weather and long days can still be found well into September, and who said travel wasn’t educational? Here’s a look at a few destinations that should see prices soften as August comes to a close.


From St. Augustine to West Palm Beach to the Keys (and everywhere in between), late August and early September are ideal times to visit the Sunshine State. Temperatures soften from boiling to (mostly) pleasant, golf courses feel less crowded, and it’s much easier to find unclaimed territory on a nearby beach.


As most of Europe heads back to work, early autumn is a perfect time to visit. Though summer is known as the high season, those who book at the end of August can enjoy top-shelf weather with mid-grade airfare. (Look to Northern Europe for even deeper savings, but be mindful of the shortening of days.)


A favorite among parents looking for holiday destinations to enjoy with kids, Hawaii becomes quite a bit cheaper if you head there after most schools are back in session. Saving a few hundred on airfare means a lot more Hula Pie once you’re in the islands.


As with Hawaii, the school-led drop in vacation demand puts places like St. Thomas, Aruba, and Bermuda on sale. The closer you get to hurricane season, the better deal you’ll find — just make sure you give travel insurance a thought.

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