Lufthansa Has Created a Better Travel Experience: Here’s Why It Might Become Your Favorite European Airline

by  Lauren Dana Ellman | Dec 5, 2023
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Courtesy of Lufthansa

Flying Lufthansa just might be the smartest way to travel to Europe and beyond. Not only has the airline — one of Europe’s largest — significantly expanded its already robust presence in the U.S. by adding more flights and new routes for 2024, but it has also created the most comfortable and seamless transatlantic travel experience. Few airlines take the time to help travelers navigate their entire journey from beginning to end (or from booking to customs), but Lufthansa put together airline-specific tools, helpful guidelines, and innovative upgrades to simplify and enhance your next long-haul journey. Here are some of the highlights for a smooth, stress-free, and all-around enjoyable experience, both in-flight and at the airport.

Choose between more non-stop routes than ever that connect U.S. cities with Europe

Courtesy of Lufthansa

Lufthansa is launching new Seattle to Munich, Raleigh-Durham to Frankfurt, and Minneapolis to Frankfurt routes in the summer of 2024. Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport and Raleigh-Durham International Airport are both new gateways for the carrier, which is significantly expanding its U.S. presence. Beyond the new routes and gateways, Lufthansa is also increasing the frequency of some of its flights to Germany from the U.S., like those from Austin, Dallas, and San Diego. What all of this means for you is a boatload more non-stop options for service to Europe as well as easier connections anywhere in the world thanks to Lufthansa’s vast global network.

Enjoy the most comfortable seats in the skies as well as the most seating options 

Lufthansa’s new Allegris travel experience is a more personalized way of traveling with radically redesigned seats across all classes. Starting in the summer of 2024, more than 80 new aircraft will be equipped with the new long-haul-focused Allegris product, meaning that a whopping 27,000 new and improved seats will be installed across the fleet. Passengers will be able to choose from different seat types within all four travel classes, including a new First Class suite (among the world’s largest with room for two), five different kinds of Business Class seats (from extra long beds to extra private window seats), a newly designed Premium Economy Class (with a greater seat pitch than ever), and more spacious Economy Class seats (with the option of booking a free seat next to you). New lighting across cabins even helps reduce post-flight jet lag.

Sleep soundly in Economy by booking a “Sleeper's Row”

On flights that are 11 hours or longer, you can book a “Sleeper's Row” in Economy Class that guarantees you an entire row of three to four seats. This perk includes priority boarding, a pillow, blanket, and a mattress topper similar to the ones in Business Class, as well as a specially designed seatbelt to keep you safe as you snooze.

Earn global perks with Star Alliance

Courtesy of Lufthansa

Lufthansa is part of Star Alliance, which currently serves over 1,300 airports in 160 countries and boasts 26 member airlines, including United Airlines. This means that flying Lufthansa will still earn you United miles and that your United MileagePlus membership will get you perks on Lufthansa such as priority boarding, priority airport standby, and access to certain lounges depending on your tier.

Get better service and support (and special offers!)

From booking to touching down, registering for a Lufthansa Travel ID and downloading the Lufthansa app (as well as its stand-alone Customer Service app) make flying fuss-free. With the apps, you can book flights, reserve seats, download your mobile boarding passes, check into your flight, receive automatic notifications about upcoming flights, and get immediate customer support, all from the convenience of your smartphone. In the meantime, Lufthansa Travel ID allows you to securely upload and save your personal contact information, important travel documents, and preferred payment method so that it’s all easily accessible with the touch of a button. Bonus: Users also receive personalized and exclusive offers from Lufthansa Group.

Easily add pets to your flight reservation


Streamlined digital services allow you to quickly and easily add pets to your reservation at least 72 hours before departure. And did you know that small dogs and cats (no more than 17.5 lbs including their carrier) may be transported in the passenger cabin as additional carry-on baggage? 

Spend less time figuring out entry requirements

Researching entry requirements prior to arrival to ensure there are no unexpected surprises or mishaps is vital. For example, some countries require passports to be valid for at least another six months, while, for others, three months is fine. Some will need you to register online or get a visa before arrival, others won't. Lufthansa’s Travel Regulations page makes this research super easy: Simply plug in your departure airport as well as your arrival airport to receive a snapshot of any entry regulations and passport or visa requirements you should be aware of.

Don’t worry about baggage fees

Courtesy of Lufthansa

Picture this: You neatly pack your bag and carry-on and arrive at the airport to be surprised by a hefty baggage fee. Avoid this dilemma by using Lufthansa's baggage calculator, which lets you know how much — if any — free baggage you’re entitled to based on your travel class, flight route, and fare, as well as what extra fees to expect for additional baggage or sports gear (which can also easily be added to your reservation at least 72 hours before departure).

Whisk through check-in by dropping your bags off up to 30 hours in advance

At select airports, as a Lufthansa passenger, you can check in online or via mobile from 30 hours in advance of your flight. That means that you're able to drop your bags off at the airport the night before. Then, on the day of departure, you can whisk through the airport sans luggage and head directly to security. While this option is not available for flights departing from North America, U.S. travelers can take advantage of this service on their way back from Europe. 

Get through security faster

Courtesy of Lufthansa

For many Lufthansa flights departing from Europe, you can reserve a security check time slot in advance to cut down on your waiting time at the airport. For the complete list of airports offering this perk, click here.

Lufthansa really put thought and effort into streamlining air travel, making it a no-brainer for your next transatlantic adventure. Book your next one here.

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