Our Most Treasured Travel Memories

by  ShermansTravel Editorial Staff | Mar 27, 2020
Our Travel Memories
Our Travel Memories / iStock/Halfpoint

During this uncertain time, we have learned that people may not be traveling right now, but will be desperate to do so in the future – with gusto. While we’re committed to continue providing you with content that will help you dream about being abroad from the comfort of your own sofa, what about past travel experiences? The trips we once remembered from slideshows or family photo albums that have now become one of a thousand on our iPhone. This is a family trip that you took to the Grand Canyon as a kid or last year’s backpacking adventure to Thailand. This was your honeymoon to New Zealand. They make us the explorers that we are today and while the vacation might be over, the memories are forever. Here, the staff at ShermansTravel share their most treasured travel memories. 

Hitchhiking on a Tiny Caribbean Island 

“While on assignment in Saba, a Caribbean Island with five-square miles of unspoiled beauty, I inquired about directions to a far-off restaurant. As it turns out, the best way to get anywhere in town is by sticking out your thumb. In fact, hitchhiking is a common way of life for residents because the island is so friendly and free of crime. I gave it a go and was immediately scooped up by a friendly woman who greeted me with a sweaty hug. But here’s the thing: I never made it to the restaurant; before she could drop me off, we picked up two grannies who were heading to a barbecue and invited me along. And naturally, I got home by sticking out my thumb.” - Anne J. Head of Content

The Most Dreamy Disney Vacations

“I don't have one particular memory to share, but rather an amalgamation of ones from my family's many Disney trips that have taken us from land at Walt Disney World to the high seas with Disney Cruise Line. There's the first time we ever boarded a Disney ship and heard them announce our arrival ("Disney Dream, please welcome aboard the Dayao family!") that resulted in us bursting into tears; the pinch-me feeling of staying on property for the first time, where we felt like we had the world at our fingertips; being so in awe upon walking into the soaring lobby of Disney's Wilderness Lodge, my favorite resort, for the first time and every subsequent time since; and the joy of experiencing the parks during the holiday season.” Christine D. Lead Account Manager 

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An Authentic Italian Experience 

“I took a trip to Florence on my spring break during my study abroad program. My friends and I had arrived that evening after a long day of traveling, and immediately decided to roam the city’s ancient, cobblestone streets in quest of authentic Italian food. We searched and searched until we found a restaurant that fit our criteria. As soon as we walked in, we knew we had found the perfect place: The owner greeted us in Italian, and to our surprise, the entire menu was handwritten. The food was so delicious, our entire group ended up ordering two dishes each – and of course Italian wine to wash it all down. It’s been five years since that meal, and I talk about “the restaurant with the handwritten menu” like I ate there yesterday.” Rachel F, Account Coordinator 

Do you have an amazing travel memory? Send it to us at: editorial@shermanstravelmedia.com 

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