Our Most Treasured Travel Memories: From Africa to England

by  Anne Roderique-Jones | May 8, 2020
Sukhothai, Thailand
Sukhothai, Thailand / iStock / patpitchaya

During this uncertain time, we have learned that people may not be traveling right now, but will be desperate to do so in the future – with gusto. While we’re committed to continue providing you with content that will help you dream about being abroad from the comfort of your own sofa, what about past travel experiences? The trips we once remembered from slideshows or family photo albums that have now become one of a thousand on our iPhone. This is a family trip that you took to the Grand Canyon as a kid or last year’s backpacking adventure to Thailand. This was your honeymoon to New Zealand. They make us the explorers that we are today and while the vacation might be over, the memories are forever. Here, the staff at ShermansTravel share their most treasured travel memories. This week, we’re sharing some memories from some incredible travel writers and contributors. We hope that you enjoy it. 

Finding Tranquility in Sukhothai, Thailand

“It was our second trip to Thailand. But this time, my husband and I decided to escape bustling Bangkok and explore some of the country's heritage sites. As we wandered through Sukhothai Historical Park (once the Thai Empire's capital), the mercury hovered around 100 degrees. Even though many of the orange-hued temples were in a ruined state, they still invited us to explore. As we walked around Sukhothai, we encountered Buddha statues with long fingers. One statue had fingers as tall as a human. We also spotted intertwined tree roots that were probably hundreds of years old. We paused to smell the frangipani flowers and admire the hot-pink bougainvillea blooms. Though the historical park was mostly quiet, we did meet a bridal couple dressed in shimmering silk, as well as an animated security guard. Unable to converse because we didn't speak one another's language, we instead shared laughter and photographs. Later, we watched the sun set behind one of Sukhothai's most prominent temples. By the time we hopped on the shuttle to return to our hotel, we felt refreshed and ready to take on Chiang Mai in the coming days. We look forward to getting back to Thailand someday soon.” Tricia A. Mitchell, travel writer and photographer

A Runner in Cape Town 

“In 2017 I went to Cape Town, South Africa, for three months. The city offers some of the most spectacular beaches and wineries in the world but it’s also a runner’s paradise. Each day I’d do a run, whether it be solo, as part of a “sight running” tour, a park run, or a trail running event. It was the perfect way to explore one of the world’s most beautiful places. My favorite memory was running on Table Mountain one morning just before Christmas, with a guide, looking out at the Atlantic Seaboard. Now that I’m firmly grounded, for the time being, I’m very nostalgic for that time.” Amy Fallo, global journalist 

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Seeing Elephants Up Close in South Africa 

“As a kid, I had a fascination with elephants, not only because of their massive size – which gets multiplied by 10 from a child’s viewpoint – but also with their mannerisms being similar to ours. I’ve seen elephants in zoos, circuses, and family attractions over time; as an adult, I got the opportunity to observe an African elephant in the wild. I was on a work trip in South Africa, in timing with Nelson Mandela’s centenary in 2018, where our group stayed at the Thula Thula Private Game Reserve in the KwaZulu-Natal province. The staff took us for open-land rover drives around the property and slowed down at times to point out elephants and other animals roaming about. Most of the elephants went about their business, as our vehicles yielded to them. But one reacted differently. While on our first drive, an elephant stopped and seriously looked us over, maybe trying to determine what we were up to. In turn, we wondered what it might have in store for us; thankfully, nothing, as we went our separate ways. On another drive, an elephant suddenly sneezed so loud that my group gasped simultaneously in surprise. I hope they and other animals at Thula Thula remain safe, as the threat of poaching in Africa remains constant.” Michele Herrmann, travel, culinary and lifestyle writer 

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Visiting Family in the Cotswolds

“Whenever we visit family in England, we try to go on a short side trip like the Cotswolds. The Cotswolds is an area of outstanding natural beauty located in south central and south west England. Every village has a personality. To me, Bibury is proud of its beauty, and it has some of the most photographed houses in the nation, Arlington Row. Northleach is humble in its beauty; Stow-on-the-Wold is honored by its history; Lower Slaughter is a tiny, pretty village named in the Domesday Book. While I found Bourton-on-the-Water a little too “Disney-fied” for my taste, I loved driving around the lush English countryside, up and down the rolling hills, past gardens in full bloom, across market towns. I’m interested in history, so each visit to the village churches was a lesson in architecture and local history. The last stop was Gloucester to see the magnificent cathedral. I didn’t much care for the town, but the medieval cathedral knocked me off my feet.” Ana O'Reilly, travel blogger

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