San Francisco International Airport’s New Yoga Room

by  Lindsay Neff | Feb 13, 2012
Yoga / jacobblund/istock

Your flight has been delayed, you’ve already been in the airport for two hours (mostly in the security line). Your shoulders are sore from carrying your laptop bag on one side, and the last word you would use to describe your mood (or your muscles for that matter) is “relaxed.”

Airports aren’t exactly stress-free, but they’re trying to make the time you spend there a little more pleasant. San Francisco International Airport introduced the airport yoga room, which officially opened on January 26. At Terminal 2 (in a former storage space), passengers can downward dog their fog delays away in a quiet, shoes-, food-, and phone-free room with dimmed lights and provided yoga mats. With the walls a mix of mirrored and dusty blue, the studio is calming, and the Zen feeling continues when you hear the cost to use the room: absolutely free. You also don’t need to worry about interrupting any classes – meditation and stretching is all self-led, so you can practice the yoga suited to your needs (or outfit) at your convenience.

If yoga isn’t your thing, though, there are plenty of other options for relaxation and centering. Meditation and prayer rooms are already fairly common in airports. More and more terminals have spas, as we noted in a recent roundup of some of the best ones. Tiny, rentable rooms are also popping up (Yotel, Minute Suites, and napcabs, to name a few), so you can take a nap or even rent a room overnight without even leaving the terminal. And don’t forget: If a new pair of shoes makes you feel better than a lotus pose ever could, there’s always retail therapy (see our Top 10 Airports for Shopping).

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