SkyMall Tuesday: Auto-Mixing Travel Mug

by  Mike Barish | Jun 12, 2012
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Traveling is exhausting. There's a reason that people come home complaining that they need a vacation after their vacation. The airport is mentally taxing, sightseeing is physically draining, and all the overeating leaves us feeling lethargic. The last thing anyone wants to do while traveling is work. If only there was a device that could eliminate some of the everyday tasks that waste our time and energy while on the road. Without a doubt, stirring things is the biggest time burglar of all. Think about all of the hours you've spent on vacations stirring your coffee, tea, baby formula, mixed drinks, and protein shakes. You could have used all of that time to go sightseeing, explore ancient ruins, or watch television. You'll never get that time back! It's one thing for me to sit around stirring things at SkyMall Tuesday headquarters; but I can't be bothered to waste that time (and risk injury to my wrist) when I'm away from home. Thankfully, SkyMall saw the problem and found a solution. The next time you need to mix solid into liquid (or combine any number of liquids, for that matter), be sure to use the Auto-Mixing Travel Mug.

If you're not mixing things while on vacation, you're doing it wrong. If you're going to take time off from work and leave your everyday life behind, you need to abandon your bland beverage choices, as well. Just orange juice at breakfast? Ha! You best be mixing some pineapple juice in there. Or clam juice. It's really up to you.

Think that a spoon is sufficient for stirring? Believe that you won't be mixing many things while traveling? Well, while you're spending $15 at a smoothie bar, we'll be reading the product description:

Perfect for mixing formula, health drinks, nutrition shakes, dietary supplements, medications, coffee drinks, juice mixes, lemonade, margaritas, long island [sic] iced tea, martinis, shots, and so much more.

Who doesn't enjoy a cocktail of vodka, gin, tequila, rum, and triple sec with sour mix and a splash of cola made from bottles found in a hotel mini-bar? If there's a more affordable travel beverage out there, we don't know how to make it.

Unless you want to start packing stirring straws and long spoons, the only logical solution to the problem of mixing things on the road is this mug. It's the most reasonable solution to this common problem.

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