SkyMall Tuesday: Glyde Gear Backpack Scooter

by  Mike Barish | Jul 3, 2012
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Transportation options haven't quite evolved as we had hoped. Flying cars appear to be a ways off. Segways didn't quite live up to the hype. And hoverboards remain a work in progress. What we're left with are cars that parallel park themselves and a scooter craze that I really thought would be dead by now. The problem with scooters, however, is everything that they become difficult to ride when you're holding things. In order to keep your hands free while on a scooter, you need to carry a backpack. Well, that just makes you top heavy and prone to disastrous falls. Granted, I don't leave SkyMall Tuesday headquarters without first putting on a helmet, but not everyone is so careful. But what if you need to get somewhere with a backpack's worth of belongings and you've realized that teleportation, like the aforementioned transportation dreams, has yet to become commercially available? Well, what if your scooter was your backpack? Or, your backpack was your scooter? Thankfully, our friends at SkyMall know a good mash-up when they see one, and that's why you can now get to school, work, or through the airport while riding your Glyde Gear Backpack Scooter.

Like that time that you got peanut butter in my chocolate (or did I get my chocolate in your peanut butter?), this is an example of two great tastes that taste great together. Why carry your backpack while you're riding your scooter and then carry your scooter once you've arrived at your destination? That sounds exhausting.

Think that by combining a scooter and a backpack that you will be left with inferior versions of both products? Believe that a backpack that starts off weighing eight pounds before you put a single thing inside of it because it already houses a scooter is simply too heavy to comfortably be carried by a child or slightly-framed adult? Well, while you try to figure out your Orbitwheels, we'll be reading the product description:

Converting from a wearable backpack to rolling luggage to scooter, the versatile Glyde Gear is where fun meets functionality.

Nothing screams fun more than rolling luggage and allusions to a Venn diagram!

I imagine that you're having a hard time visualizing just how this marvel of engineering works. You'll be relieved to learn that there's a video. You'll be disappointed to learn that it includes music.

Strap on your helmet and hit play. Stay safe out there!

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