We Tried It!

We Tried It! Zip-Lining at Sea

by  Christine Ongsueng | Apr 7, 2016

Royal Caribbean has become known for its fun onboard activities, from surfing to skydiving to bumper cars. We recently took a turn on the zip line that zooms across Oasis of the Seas, one of only two at sea. 

To a seasoned zip-liner, the 82-foot stretch doesn’t look like much. But to first-timers, zipping nine decks above The Boardwalk can be a bit daunting. The first steps are just formalities — removing sunglasses and jewelry, emptying your pockets. If you’re wearing sandals or slip-on shoes, you will need to borrow a pair of the closed toe shoes. (Don’t worry: They’re sanitized after each use.)

An attendant gets you fitted with a harness and a helmet. Then you hold on to the short cord attached to the center of the harness and walk to the launching balcony. This is when the anticipation will really start to build up. While you’re marveling at the bird’s-eye view, an attendant hooks you up to the cable, tells you where to step next, and what to do once you approach the other side. Then it’s time to get zipping — grip the overhead bars, take a deep breath, and go.

What It's Really Like: The entire experience takes about 15 to 20 seconds, and it’s only the initial plunge that will momentarily propel your heart to your throat. After that, enjoy the breeze and the view (if you can keep your eyes open). Then you’re suddenly at the other side, being caught by the attendant. Since the actual zip-lining part goes by very quickly, have someone positioned on the other end of the platform with a camera if you want a record of your daring feat.

You’ll have to return to the starting point to turn in the equipment and pick up your belongings. Take the opportunity to look back at the zip line. The course doesn't look so intimidating anymore — you may even find yourself wanting to ride it again and again. 

The Details: Ziplining is complimentary, and available on both Oasis of the Sea and Allure of the Sea. You must be 52 inches tall and weigh a minimum of 75 pounds (and no more than 275 pounds). You will have to sign a waiver before tackling the zip line, which can be done before boarding or before your first ride.

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