Celebrity Solstice at Alaska's Tracy Arm Fjord
Celebrity Solstice at Alaska's Tracy Arm Fjord / Celebrity Cruises
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Celebrity Solstice's pool deck
Celebrity Solstice's pool deck / Celebrity Cruises
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Solarium / Celebrity Cruises
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Celebrity Silhouette's Lawn Club
Celebrity Silhouette's Lawn Club / Celebrity Cruises / Tim Bieber
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Celebrity Solstice's Sunset Bar
Celebrity Solstice's Sunset Bar / Celebrity Cruises / Quentin Bacon
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Hammock on Celebrity Equinox
Hammock on Celebrity Equinox / Celebrity Cruises / William Abranowicz
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Blu restaurant
Blu restaurant / Celebrity Cruises
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Grilled Veal Chop at Murano
Grilled Veal Chop at Murano / Celebrity Cruises
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Martini Bar
Martini Bar / Celebrity Cruises
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"Elyria" / Celebrity Cruises
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Oceanview Café
Oceanview Café / Celebrity Cruises
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Wontons from Silk
Wontons from Silk / Celebrity Cruises
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Grilling in the Galapagos on Celebrity Xpedition
Grilling in the Galapagos on Celebrity Xpedition / Celebrity Cruises
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Lawn Club Grill
Lawn Club Grill / Celebrity Cruises
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"Quickfire Challenge"
"Quickfire Challenge" / Kayla Becker
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Celebrity Kids Club
Celebrity Kids Club / Celebrity Cruises
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Persian Garden
Persian Garden / Celebrity Cruises
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Ocean Liners
Ocean Liners / Celebrity Cruises
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Celebrity Silhouette's Hideaway
Celebrity Silhouette's Hideaway / Celebrity Cruises / Tim Bieber
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Hot Glass Show
Hot Glass Show / Celebrity Cruises
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Celebrity Solstice's Hot Glass Show
Celebrity Solstice's Hot Glass Show / Celebrity Cruises
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Tuscan Grille
Tuscan Grille / Celebrity Cruises
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Aqua Class Stateroom
Aqua Class Stateroom / Celebrity Cruises
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Celebrity Solstice's Sunset Veranda Stateroom
Celebrity Solstice's Sunset Veranda Stateroom / Celebrity Cruises / Michel Verdure
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Celebrity Solstice in Alaska
Celebrity Solstice in Alaska / Celebrity Cruises / Michel Verdure
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Café al Bacio
Café al Bacio / Celebrity Cruises
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Persian Garden heated chairs
Persian Garden heated chairs / Celebrity Cruises
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Ordering on iPads at Qsine
Ordering on iPads at Qsine / Celebrity Cruises
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Sushi lollipops at Qsine
Sushi lollipops at Qsine / Celebrity Cruises
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Selecting from the wine tower
Selecting from the wine tower / Celebrity Cruises
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Cellar Masters wine bar
Cellar Masters wine bar / Celebrity Cruises
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Sky Observation Lounge
Sky Observation Lounge / Celebrity Cruises
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Celebrity Cruises

Our Review
Deal Expert / Travel Blogger

Celebrity has consistently had some of the most beautiful and best-designed ships in the industry, true contemporary stunners. Everything — from the extraordinary spa facilities to the half-acre of grass on the line's five Solstice-class ships, to the martini bars and romantic seating areas with egg-shaped chairs and daybeds — is tasteful with a modern edge. It's a design aesthetic that has influenced the rest of the industry, too, and ships by other lines have featured style choices that seem ripped right from Solstice.

The cruise line upped its chic quotient even further when it introduced its Edge Series of ships in 2018. These five vessels — Celebrity Edge, Celebrity Apex, Celebrity Beyond, Celebrity Ascent, and Celebrity Xcel (slated to debut in late 2025) — feature a dazzling atrium called the Grand Plaza, a unique multilevel and multipurpose space called Eden, a tangerine-hued bar and dining capsule called The Magic Carpet that rises and lowers on one side of the ship, a whimsical Rooftop Garden, and The Retreat, a suite enclave with modern panache. Celebrity also kept the Solarium, an adults-only indoor pool and bar space that’s a popular spot to relax.

Even Celebrity’s four older Millennium-class ships have been refurbished with Solstice- and Edge-class amenities. For those seeking a more nature-centric cruise experience, Celebrity also operates three smaller vessels (Celebrity Flora, Celebrity Xpedition, and Celebrity Xploration) in the Galapagos Islands.

What We Love

The Art Collection: The cruise line's multi-million-dollar collection is contemporary and daring. Included are works by notables such as Robert Rauschenberg, Jeff Koons, David Hockney, and Anish Kapoor. On some of the Solstice-class ships (Equinox, Eclipse, and Solstice), original art is even created live as passengers watch glassblowers in a hot glass show.

Unforgettable Spas: The spas are spectacular, with destination-focused treatments, high-tech treatment beds, thalassotherapy pools, and either a SEA Thermal Suite (on Edge Series ships) or a Persian Garden thermal area on older vessels. Each is an oasis of calm for guests who come on board for much-needed R&R. Best of all, there's a café full of healthy treats outside the spa on the pool deck, with Greek yogurt parfaits at breakfast and low-fat chicken salad (served with tasty plates of mango with mint and spices) at lunch. 

Innovation: Celebrity has been a risk taker for the past decade, on an avant-garde, adult-oriented stage show, planting real grass and adding whimsical sculptures to its resort decks, and introducing the first self-serve wine bar at sea, Cellar Masters.

Best Known For

Great Buffets & Elevated Specialty Dining: The line has beefed up its culinary game: The Oceanview Café is one of the best buffets in the industry, and you'll find decent cuisine in the main dining room and specialty (for-a-fee) restaurants. As a premium cruise line, Celebrity also offers a. more exclusive dining experience with the addition of Le Voyage by Daniel Boulud on its three newest Edge Series ships (Beyond, Ascent, and Xcel). 

Atmospheric Bars & Lounges: With its grown-up appeal, of course Celebrity ships would feature couple-centric bars and lounges. Signature spaces include the Martini Bar, where flare bartenders perform dazzling tricks as they prepare a tempting array of cocktails, and the Sunset Bar, an aft space on all Celebrity ships that, on Beyond and Ascent, has been enlarged and given a posh makeover by celebrity designer Nate Berkus. Other cool spots to sip and socialize include the playful Eden Bar, the craft-cocktail-oriented World Class Bar, and the pub-like Craft Social.

Who It's Best For

Couples: Twosomes age 40 and up who don't need a constant lineup of activities enjoy the combination of romance, a little decadence, and opportunity to relax. During the day, the quiet corners feel like an elegant place to find time alone. At night after dinner, you'll find a variety of places to dance or toast with cocktails together in an atmosphere that feels both sophisticated and celebratory. 

Don't Say We Didn't Warn You

Expect Crowds: Although each ship provides plenty of cushy hangout places, with 2,000 to 3,000 people on board, there are times when you'll have to get in line, such as when disembarking at a port of call.

The Kids Program Is So-So: The line has facilities and activities for kids — Camp at Sea for ages  3 to 12 and Teen Club for those age 13-17 — but they lack the excitement of the programming on some competing lines. Plus, on some non-summer and non-school-holiday sailings, there are so few children that the kids club hours are limited.

Fran Golden
Deal Expert / Travel Blogger