Jet Skiing with SeaDream
Jet Skiing with SeaDream / SeaDream Yacht Club
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Corinth Canal
Corinth Canal / SeaDream Yacht Club
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Yoga on the Beach
Yoga on the Beach / SeaDream Yacht Club
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Yacht Club Stateroom
Yacht Club Stateroom / SeaDream Yacht Club
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Sunset Dinner
Sunset Dinner / SeaDream Yacht Club
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SeaDream Yacht Club

Our Review
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SeaDream Yacht Club prides itself in providing a small-ship experience closer to yachting than what you find on other lines. You'll sail with 100 or so other guests, and the identical ships — launched in 2001 and appropriately named SeaDream I and SeaDream II — have a carefree atmosphere and a resort casual dress code. The food is delicious, the wine is free-flowing (and complimentary!), the piano bar is usually packed, and caviar and Champagne are served on the beach. Both yachts underwent multi-million-dollar refurbishments in 2022 that completely redesigned the staterooms, installed new teak decking, and added two couples’ Jacuzzis on deck 6 forward for 360-degree views. What’s not to love?

What We Love

Water Sports Marinas: Both ships have retractable marinas that can be opened when seas are calm. From there, guests can ride personal watercraft, paddle glass-bottomed kayaks, or snorkel.

The Champagne and Caviar Splash: This casual party with upscale food and drink is thrown on Caribbean beaches. The bar is set up on a surfboard in the shallow water, and a barbecue lunch is served.

Best Known For

Sleeping Under the Stars: SeaDream makes up the double-wide Balinese beds on deck with sheets, pillows, and duvets so you can sleep out in the open air. Reserve the beds at the front of the ship early — they’re the biggest, quietest, and most private, and are quickly booked.

Everything Is Included: All-inclusive here means numerous wine options with lunch and dinner, not just one. It also means cocktails in the alfresco Top of the Yacht Bar and fresh, hot popcorn with movies. And it means no tipping unless, of course, you want to reward the amazing servers.

Who It's Best For

Grown-Ups: Affluent, mature couples with convivial personalities and a taste for the good life like the social nature of these intimate ships.

Don't Say We Didn't Warn You

You Won't Find Balconies: Don’t expect private verandas on these vessels, which were built before balconies became common.