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ShermansTravel experts rely on years of collective travel experience to bring you the best money-saving tips for your vacation. We take a discerning look at all the attraction passes, public transportation options, and other local bargains to make sure you get the most bang for your buck while traveling.

Rajasthan Money-Saving Tips

Bargains, bargains, bargains

Tourism is big business in this northwestern Indian state, but that doesn’t mean you should get ripped off! The rule of thumb: negotiate down to half of the asking price.

Get a guide

To appreciate the history of the forts, palaces, and the astronomical instruments at Jantar Mantar in Jaipur, have an expert walk you through it. It’ll be well worth it. Many government-backed guides are standing outside the attractions themselves.

Buying gems

When buying semi-precious jewelry, buy from reputed sources or ask vendors to certify authenticity.

Sip safely

Opt for hot liquids like tea and coffee – this way you’ll know the water or milk are boiled and therefore safer to drink.

Immunization shots

Visit the doctor before you depart to ensure you’ve got all your shots. Err on the side of caution and follow a full course of malaria pills, too.

Wear layers

Pack a fleece and socks – Rajasthan cools down significantly at night and in the mornings.

Temple etiquette

Should you step into any temples in Rajasthan, remove your shoes beforehand as a show of respect.

Hotel heritage

Most hotels in Rajasthan were once palaces that have been converted into resorts in the last 25 years.


Americans will need a visa to visit India, which entails a trip to the consulate in your city.

Dhabas in the North

Some of the freshest and most authentic food can be found along India’s highways. Not quite diners, dhabas, prevalent in the North, send out chefs to buy the ingredients for your curries, kebabs, and biryanis only after you place your order. Usually takes about 30 minutes for plates to arrive at your table.

Local flavor

Everyone knows Indian food is spicy, but what few know is that along with the savory snacks come syrupy sweets. There’s no better place to satisfy your sweet tooth that in Rajasthan – try churma, a mixture of coarsely ground wheat, clarified butter, and sugar.

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