Dubrovnik's City Walls
Dubrovnik's City Walls / iStock.com / Bertl123
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Onofrio's Fountain
Onofrio's Fountain / iStock.com / iascic
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Dubrovnik cheese
Dubrovnik cheese / iStock.com / jaz1
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Terracotta-tiled rooftops
Terracotta-tiled rooftops / iStock.com / iascic
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View of the Harbor and Old Town
View of the Harbor and Old Town / iStock.com / Voyagerix
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Old Town
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Gruz Market
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Dubrovnik, Croatia

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Encircled by ancient city walls made of pale stone, Dubrovnik is one of the most pictorial destinations in the world. Located on Croatia's Dalmatian Coast, Dubrovnik's cruise terminal is at Port Gruz, about a mile from the Old Town. Large ships anchor in the bay, and passengers are transported to the city center by tender to see the sights of this historic city on the Adriatic Sea.

What We Love

City Walls: The best views are from the thousand-year-old stone walls that enclose the Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. From these ramparts, the city’s crowded streets and tiled roofs come into view, while green islands, elegant hillside villas, and the blue Adriatic beckon in the distance.
The Stradun: As smooth and shiny as an ice-skating rink, this wide limestone thoroughfare leads from the harbor through the heart of Old Town. Many of the city’s main palaces, churches, and statues can be found on or near it.

Best Known For

Tiled Roofs: During the Bosnian War, Dubrovnik was heavily shelled, and many of its famous honey-colored tiled roofs were destroyed. They were replaced by red terracotta tiles, making the new and old roofs easy to spot.
Gorgeous Scenery: Sandstone boulders glow golden in the glassy emerald waters around the city, and the hills are fragrant with pines and heavenly maquis.

Who It's Best For

History Buffs: From its 500 years as the Republic of Ragusa, Venice's main competition in the region, to its rich maritime history, the small town of Dubrovnik packs an incredible amount of culture.

"Game of Thrones" Fans: Dubrovnik is King’s Landing in the HBO series, and some of the most famous scenes were shot here, including the Battle of Blackwater and Cersei’s “Walk of Shame” down the Jesuit Staircase from Gundulic Square.

Don't Say We Didn't Warn You

There Are Lots of Stairs: Much of Dubrovnik is vertical (see the Jesuit Staircase), so be sure to bring sturdy walking shoes and your stamina.

Expect Crowded Streets: Streets in the Old Town are twisted and narrow, and they can get jammed during peak visiting hours.

Sunshine Flint
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