Rock of Gibraltar
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Barbary Macaques at the Moorish Castle
Barbary Macaques at the Moorish Castle / iStockphoto / Sloot
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Europa Point's Ibrahim-al-Ibrahim Mosque
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The Horseshoe Pub
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Gibraltar Cable Car
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Our Review
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There's really nowhere else quite like Gibraltar. Located geographically in southern Spain, the much-disputed British Overseas Territory is a piece of England on the Med; the pubs, tea rooms, and British chains in the town center are about a 15-minute walk from the cruise dock. The small peninsula is dominated by its most famous feature: the towering Rock of Gibraltar.

What We Love

St. Michael's Cave: The Rock's history, from the Neolithic era to British use during World War II, is told through a tour of the winding caves.

Moorish Castle: This walled complex, with a tower dating back to the 11th century, is where the British flag was first raised in 1704.

Best Known For

Going Up the Rock: You could hike or take a taxi, but the best choice is the scenic cable car ride to the visitors' center about 1,350 feet up. The views are incredible, including Spain's Costa del Sol and over to northern Africa.

Monkeys: The famed monkeys are actually Barbary macaques, the only primates living freely in Europe. About 200 of the tailless creatures reside on the Rock, including around two dozen at the Apes' Den.

Who It's Best For

Lovers of Unique Destinations: Complicated politics aside, there is a great novelty to having a proper high tea while the Mediterranean sun blazes. If you can, get the passport stamp — it's a design of The Rock, and a rare score.

Don't Say We Didn't Warn You

Don't Feed the Monkeys: As fun as it sounds to share a treat with a wild monkey, it's not a good idea. They are very mischievous — and have sharp teeth.

Careful with Conversion: Gibraltar has its own currency, tied to the pound Sterling. Businesses will accept British pounds and sometimes Euros, but you cannot use the Gibraltar notes and coins anywhere else in the world.

Danielle Contray
Deal Expert / Travel Blogger