Hoorn's city center
Hoorn's city center / Canadian Pacific
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Hoorn, The Netherlands

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Located just 29 miles north of Amsterdam, the village of Hoorn is a picturesque spot that is quickly becoming a popular port of call for river cruise ships sailing through The Netherlands and Belgium. There’s not a lot to do here — and that’s the point. Walk around the historic streets, grab a coffee and a “stroopwafel,” and watch local life go by.

What We Love

Cycling Paths: The nearby town of Schellinkhout is an easy 15-minute ride to the north, so if your ship has bicycles available on board, take them out for a relaxing spin.

The Museum of the 20th Century: Not so long ago, was it? Revel in nostalgia for the last century at this funky museum, located at Krententuin 24 — the site of the city’s former jailhouse.

Best Known For

Cafés: For such a small town, Hoorn seems to have a café on every corner. Find one that piques your interest, and do as the locals do: Slow down, relax, and sip a coffee.

The Stoomtram: This steam-powered train from Hoorn to Medemblik provides insight into the history of the genre in The Netherlands. A one-way journey takes about 90 minutes (visit the Stoomtram Museum for the exact schedule) and a day ticket costs about $23 per person.

Who It's Best For

Shutterbugs: Hoorn’s quaint architecture and beautiful countryside will have you snapping photos faster than your camera — or, let’s face it, your smartphone — can handle.

Don't Say We Didn't Warn You

It’s Windy: This isn't so much an issue in town, but it's certainly a consideration for those going on longer walks or bike rides. Sudden storms are known to blow through, and cycling back to Hoorn in a brisk wind or heavy downpour isn’t a lot of fun. Bring along clothes for changeable weather.