Labadee Rental Cabana
Labadee Rental Cabana / Royal Caribbean International
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Buccaneer's Bay Parasailing
Buccaneer's Bay Parasailing / Royal Caribbean International
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Dragon's Tail Coaster
Dragon's Tail Coaster / Royal Caribbean International
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Dragon’s Breath Flight Line
Dragon’s Breath Flight Line / Royal Caribbean International
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Royal Caribbean lunch buffet
Royal Caribbean lunch buffet / Royal Caribbean International
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Bay of Labadee
Bay of Labadee / Royal Caribbean International
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Our Review
Deal Expert / Travel Blogger

Sitting on an isolated, 260-acre peninsula on the northern coast of Haiti, Royal Caribbean’s private beach feels similar to cruise line beaches in the Bahamas. Western Caribbean sailings stop at this private retreat for a day on the sand, and the line has set up thrilling adventures on land and sea (as well as in the air) exclusively for cruisers.

What We Love

Aqua Park: Embrace your inner kid here, where Royal Caribbean has a variety of trampolines, slides, and bouncy house-style toys set right in the water. 

Cabanas: Even though they start at more than $200 a day, the cabanas go quickly. If you can get one, it’ll make your time on this bustling beach a little more peaceful. Lunch, for example, is served to your cabana by a waiter, instead of at the casual barbecue restaurant.

Best Known For

Dragon’s Breath Flight Line: This thrill ride starts 500 feet up and travels 2,600 feet out over the ocean, making it the world’s longest zip line over the water. 

The Roller Coaster: Yes, there’s an actual roller coaster here, and you can sign up to ride high above the rain forest and plunge down toward the sea. This five-minute ride (which costs $34 for two people) may offer the best selfie ops and ship views of the trip.

Who It's Best For

Beach Lovers: Catching rays and playing in the sand are mainstays on this private stretch. But if you’re looking for more, consider booking one of the line’s shore excursions, which offer more active afternoons such as kayaking and snorkeling.

Don't Say We Didn't Warn You

The Food Is Better Onboard: Royal Caribbean brings all its own food into the dining spaces on the day of the stop, and the line serves a pretty simple buffet of grilled items to everyone, such as burgers, hotdogs, and corn on the cob.

Sherri Eisenberg
Deal Expert / Travel Blogger