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Oudong, Cambodia

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Set on the Mekong River, the erstwhile capital and sovereign residence of Cambodia — about 27 miles to the north of Phnom Penh — is little more than a modest-sized town today, most notable for its rolling countryside and royal Khmer-era remnants such as temples and stupas. It’s a popular pilgrimage point for Cambodians looking to pay their respects to the former kings who are now entombed here.

What We Love

Memorial to the Victims of Pol Pot: At the foot of the staircase that leads up to Phnom Preah Reach Throap, look out for the memorial honoring the victims of the tragic Pol Pot regime; here lie the remains of Cambodian casualties who were dug up from mass regional graves.

Vipassana Dhura Buddhist Meditation Center: Cruisers of AmaWaterways will have the chance to attend a special blessing ceremony at this monastery, hosted by resident Buddhist monks.

Best Known For

Phnom Preah Reach Throap: The "Hill of the Royal Fortune" consists of a series of temples and ruins on a wooded hilltop, as well as stupas containing the ashes of Khmer kings. The pleasant views of the Cambodian countryside here round out the transporting atmosphere.

Who It's Best For

History Buffs: Surrounded by the vestiges of an ancient royal capital, Oudong draws travelers into its fascinating history.

Don't Say We Didn't Warn You

Lost Culture: You're only seeing a fraction of what the royal residence once was, because many of the stupas, temples, and monuments were destroyed during Cambodia's notorious Khmer Rouge regime.

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