The Pitons
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Castries Harbor
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Traditional Caribbean Dish of Conch and Plantains
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Anse Chastanet Reef
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Sunbathing on St. Lucia
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St. Lucia

Our Review
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This deep Caribbean island in the Lesser Antilles is robust with both French and English influences — it was passed between the countries from the mid 1600s until full independence from Britain in 1979. Natural wonders include towering mountains inhabiting the interior and hidden coves dotting the shoreline. Ships dock at one of two piers, both within walking distance of Castries, the island’s main town and home to an extensive outdoor market.

What We Love

Tet Paul: The Piton volcanic spires may get all the press, but Tet Paul Nature Trail is a crowd-free site with sweeping hilltop views. Developed and staffed by a small farming community, excursions are individually guided and give a comprehensive overview of island life and the diverse landscape.

Chocolate: The island has robust cocoa plantations producing rich delicacies. Try some of the adventurous dishes at Boucan, including cocoa-marinated red snapper and rib eye steak with a dark chocolate port sauce.

Best Known For

The Pitons: These looming, verdant volcanic mountains are so emblematic of St. Lucia that they are represented on everything from the flag to local beer bottles. A guided climb is about four hours round-trip, and you need to arrange it in advance. 

Sulphur Springs: The world’s only “drive in” volcano, these bubbling springs are one of the most popular attractions on St. Lucia, meaning you are rarely alone. Yes, they stink, but the bubbling waters and mud are said to have healing properties.

Who It's Best For

Classic Caribbean Lovers: This far-flung island has retained a charm that you don’t find on more popular islands. The Creole blend of French and British influences up the ante on the food scene, and the rolling mountains make the beaches feel totally private, even secret.

Don't Say We Didn't Warn You

Feeling Green: Pack Dramamine and antinausea bracelets — all those winding mountain roads can make even the strongest stomach queasy.