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Wertheim Castle
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Wertheim, Germany

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Located in southwestern Germany, Wertheim is located on the junction of the Tauber and Main rivers. Known for its wine, castle ruins, and medieval town centre, this town is home to beautifully restored Fanconian-style timber houses as well wonderful shopping, dining and people watching in the town’s historic marketplace. A glass blowing studio, bakery, and several sidewalk cafes add to the charm of this enchanting location.

What We Love

There's A Lot to See Here: If time is limited, stroll through the Village Marketplace and check out Wertheim Castle for a spectacular view of the river and surrounding area. But, if you're feeling ambitious, you can visit Wertheim Castle, Bronnbach Monastery, and the Glasmuseum and then take a ride on the little Tourist Train. 

Communication is Easy: English-speaking travelers will find chatting with locals easy in Wertheim as most speak multiple languages.

Best Known For

Bavarian Style: The town’s marketplace, bakery, and butcher shop reflect the Bavarian influence in this region.

You Can Actually Get Onto the Castle Grounds: While castles dot the landscape extensively in this part of the world, not all are accessible. But you can, and should, climb to the top of the keep at Wertheim Castle.

Who It's Best For

Walkers and Strollers: When you arrive on a river cruise, reaching Wertheim's city marketplace often requires a motorcoach ride from the dock. But, once there, most of the attractions can be seen on foot.  

Don't Say We Didn't Warn You

You'll Want to Wear Comfortable Shoes: It takes some time to walk to the main attraction, Wertheim Castle, which is accessible by foot but requires a steep climb over uneven terrain.

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