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Yokohama (Tokyo), Japan

Our Review
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Sailing away from Tokyo at night is dazzling, with a great view of the city lights. If you're embarking here, add a couple of nights to really experience the frenetic city. Hiring a guide is particularly worthwhile to navigate this sprawling metropolis, which is packed with sights and attractions. Cruise ships dock in Yokohama, south of Tokyo and connected to the city by rail.

What We Love

Senso-ji Temple: This vast complex greets you with humongous paper lanterns, a number of graceful temple buildings, and rows of shops to satisfy both religious shoppers and souvenir hunters.

Tsukiji Fish Market: The Outer Market here is a wonderland for foodies, with fish and just about anything else that gets cooked or eaten in Japan.

Best Known For

Tokyo National Museum: Like a crash course in Japan's finest arts and crafts, the main building of this facility houses numerous national treasures, from delicate painted scrolls to spectacular kimonos to samurai armor to ceramics.

Meiji Shrine: This forested oasis in the pulsing city is home to more than 300 varieties of trees and buildings constructed of cypress. Stroll the grounds and keep an eye out for Shinto priests in their elaborate robes.

Who It's Best For

Foodies: Some of the world's most refined restaurants call Tokyo home, and it's safe to say the best sushi in the world is served here. Visit the Shinjuku neighborhood for ramen and yakitori.

Trendsetters: This is the land of cat cafes, karaoke, and latte foam art. Head to Takeshita Street (Takeshita-dori), where you never know what wild fad the city's young residents will be flaunting.

Don't Say We Didn't Warn You

Expect Mad Transit: The subway system can be boggling. Allow plenty of extra time to navigate it.

You'll Find Crazy Street Addresses: Buildings aren't numbered sequentially but in the order they were built. Be sure to have a good map if you aren't exploring with a guide.