Carnival Glory Docked in Cozumel
Carnival Glory Docked in Cozumel / Kristen Boatright
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Carnival Glory Departing Miami
Carnival Glory Departing Miami / Kristen Boatright
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Deck Party
Deck Party / Kristen Boatright
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Balcony Cabin
Balcony Cabin / Kristen Boatright
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Guy's Burger Joint
Guy's Burger Joint / Kristen Boatright
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BlueIguana Margarita
BlueIguana Margarita / Kristen Boatright
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Creams Café
Creams Café / Kristen Boatright
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Punchliner Comedy Club
Punchliner Comedy Club / Kristen Boatright
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Alchemy Bar
Alchemy Bar / Kristen Boatright
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Alchemy Bar Cocktail
Alchemy Bar Cocktail / Kristen Boatright
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Dining Room Dancing
Dining Room Dancing / Kristen Boatright
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Lobster in Main Dining Room
Lobster in Main Dining Room / Kristen Boatright
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Spaghetti Carbonara in Main Dining Room
Spaghetti Carbonara in Main Dining Room / Kristen Boatright
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Vegetarian Indian Dinner in Main Dining Room
Vegetarian Indian Dinner in Main Dining Room / Kristen Boatright
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Playlist Productions
Playlist Productions / Kristen Boatright
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Playlist Productions
Playlist Productions / Kristen Boatright
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Playlist Productions
Playlist Productions / Kristen Boatright
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Fish & Chips
Fish & Chips / Kristen Boatright
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Pizzeria / Kristen Boatright
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Steak at Emerald Room Steakhouse
Steak at Emerald Room Steakhouse / Kristen Boatright
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BlueIguana Cantina
BlueIguana Cantina / Kristen Boatright
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Love & Marriage Newlywed Trivia
Love & Marriage Newlywed Trivia / Kristen Boatright
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Hasbro Connect 4 Basketball
Hasbro Connect 4 Basketball / Kristen Boatright
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Green Eggs and Ham Breakfast
Green Eggs and Ham Breakfast / Kristen Boatright
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Towel Animal Theater
Towel Animal Theater / Kristen Boatright
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The Cinn-A-Bar Piano Bar
The Cinn-A-Bar Piano Bar / Kristen Boatright
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White Heat Dance Club
White Heat Dance Club / Kristen Boatright
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Breakfast Buffet
Breakfast Buffet / Kristen Boatright
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Chocolate Extravaganza Buffet
Chocolate Extravaganza Buffet / Kristen Boatright
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Cherry on Top
Cherry on Top / Kristen Boatright
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Carnival Glory Sail Away Party
Carnival Glory Sail Away Party / Kristen Boatright
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Hairy Chest Contest
Hairy Chest Contest / Kristen Boatright
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Club O2 Teen Club
Club O2 Teen Club / Kristen Boatright
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Azure Lido Pool
Azure Lido Pool / Kristen Boatright
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Carnival Glory

Our Ship Review
Carnival Cruise Line
Cruise Line
Deal Expert / Travel Blogger

The second ship in Carnival's Conquest class, Carnival Glory first set sail in 2003 and got a dry dock makeover in 2012, when many upgrades, including popular spots such as Guy's Burger Joint, the BlueIguana Cantina, and the Alchemy Bar were added. The relatively cozy passenger-to-crew ratio (2.5 to 1) on board the 2,980-passenger Carnival Glory makes for a familiar and friendly atmosphere. How inviting is it? Enough that this vessel gets its fair share of repeat cruisers. 

What We Love

Choices, Choices, Choices: Carnival added their latest and greatest food and drink spots in the last refurbishment, including the poolside BlueIguana and Guy's Burger Joint dining options. The ship also got a RedFrog Rum Bar and a SKYBOX Sports Bar. We also really enjoyed our meal at the Emerald Room Steakhouse, which is perfect for a celebratory special occasion dinner.

Happy Crew, Happy Cruise: Carnival Glory has twice won an internal award for the ship with the highest crew experience ratings. The cheerful vibe from the staff is readily passed along to the passengers. Plus, it’s impressive when everybody knows your name on a ship this size.

Best Known For

All-out Entertainment: From poolside contests on sea days to game nights and dancing at dinner, you'll never get bored on this ship — even if you have days with less than stellar weather. An unexpected favorite: Carnival Glory’s table artist (aka magician) Shah, whose sleight of hand is on point.

Caribbean Island Hopping: An easy vacation for those in the southern U.S., Carnival Glory sails from Miami on seven- to 10-day itineraries throughout the Caribbean, visiting ports like Grand CaymanRoatán (off the coast of Honduras), Belize City, Cozumel, St. Thomas, Amber Cove, and Grand Turk. The sunny skies and blue Caribbean waters make for nice sail aways and sea days as well.

Who It's Best For

The Whole Family: From toddlers to teens to grandparents, Carnival Glory has something for everyone in a multi-generational group. The little ones will love Towel Animal Theater and the Green Eggs and Ham Breakfast, while adults will stay up late for inventive cocktails at the Alchemy Bar, raucous sing-alongs at the Cinn-A-Bar Piano Bar, or late-night laughs the Punchliner Comedy Club. If you're traveling with a big family, download the Carnival HUB app and for $5 per person, you can chat with others and keep in touch while on board.

Cruisers on a Budget: Aside from drinks and shore excursions, there aren't a lot of extras to shell out for on this ship. So you’ll get plenty bang for your buck, as with the rest of the vessels in the fleet.

Don't Say We Didn't Warn You

It’s Loud: With late-night shows and all-day music throughout the ship, this is not the ship for those looking for peace and quiet. Your best bet for those looking for a little respite is the Serenity Adult-Only Retreat on Decks 12 and 14. Overhead announcements are also frequent. 

Pack Your Compass: Just kidding … but the layout can be a bit confusing at first, especially when trying to navigate around the dining rooms and galley. 

Kristen Boatright
Deal Expert / Travel Blogger