Le Soléal
Le Soléal / Ponant
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Reception / Ponant / François Lefebvre
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Gastronomic Restaurant
Gastronomic Restaurant / Ponant / François Lefebvre
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Outdoor Dining at The Grill
Outdoor Dining at The Grill / Ponant
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Panoramic Lounge and Bar
Panoramic Lounge and Bar / Ponant / François Lefebvre
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Prestige Stateroom
Prestige Stateroom / Ponant / François Lefebvre
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Le Soléal

Our Ship Review
Deal Expert / Travel Blogger

The third of Ponant’s four “Sistership” megayachts, Le Soléal is a stunner whose luxurious crystal-and-linen aesthetic belies her sturdy, reinforced hull. This French vessel, which accommodates 264 guests, can host a glittering cocktail gala one night and plow through Arctic ice the next.

What We Love

The Spa: This full-service spa and salon has a serene ambience that evokes a wellness resort, even while cruising on four engines through the open sea. A partnership with French skin-care favorite Sothys Paris, the spa isn’t just a place to get pampered — you’ll notice results.  

Round-the-Clock Room Service: If you don’t feel like throwing on a cocktail dress for dinner or getting out of bed for breakfast, don’t worry. Le Soléal offers 24-hour complimentary room service with some alcoholic beverages included. You can also order breakfast the night before.

Best Known For

Expedition Cruises: While their natural home would seem to be the Mediterranean, Le Soléal and her sisters are famed for their far-flung itineraries — not only to Antarctica, but also to Japan, Alaska, the South Pacific, and New Zealand

French Brand Partnerships: French flair has intangible elements, but it's also defined by name brands — especially in the food and beauty realms. Ponant’s partnerships with Charles Heidsieck for champagne Pierre Hermé Paris for macarons, skin-care line Sothys Paris, and other top French labels contribute to the luxury vibe aboard Le Soléal.

Who It's Best For

Citizens of the World: If you like mingling with French, German, British, and Chinese travelers — but in a rarefied setting where everyone gets their own table in the cocktail lounge — you’ll enjoy traveling with this affluent, international crowd.

Don't Say We Didn't Warn You

The Chic Ambience Doesn’t Come Cheap: Typical of both small luxury and expedition cruising, the fares for a sailing aboard Le Soléal are likely out of reach for the average cruiser. Expect to pay at least $7,000 per person for a 7-night sailing and upwards of $23,000 per person for a 21-night Antarctic expedition cruise.

Bathroom Setup: The toilet is in one tiny chamber and the shower in another, along with the sink. Some call that convenient, and others say it’s unsanitary. This is really a matter of personal opinion — but cruisers never fail to point it out.

Lena Katz
Deal Expert / Travel Blogger