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MSC Meraviglia

Our Ship Review
Deal Expert / Travel Blogger

The first ship in its class, Meraviglia (“mehr-ah-vee-ya”) translates as “wonder” in Italian, and it delivers. This  5,714-guest vessel from MSC Cruises ushered in a new era and class for the Switzerland-based European cruise line. The megaship, which was repositioned to sail from New York in 2023, packs mega wow factor, including one of the longest LED screens at sea in the Galleria promenade, an arcade-style amusement park with F1 simulators and an interactive XD Cinema, and technology that means never getting lost on board.  

What We Love

The Taste Treats: Partnerships with European chefs and suppliers mean decadent bites from pastry chef and gelato maker Jean Philippe Maury. The lavish buffet — with freshly-made mozzarella and French breads to charcuterie and house-made pesto — will convert even avowed buffet-skippers.

The Promenade: The 315-feet promenade draws passengers to stroll and linger in Mediterranean passeggiata style, with luxe boutiques and specialty restaurants, all under an ever-transforming LED ceiling. 

Best Known For

Nightly Entertainment: On a seven-night voyage, guests can enjoy up to six different shows in the Broadway Theatre as well as two more avant-garde productions featuring acrobats and musicians in the Carousel Lounge, a tech-enhanced theater in the round.

Who It's Best For

All Ages and Budget Levels: MSC Cruises can legitimately say this ship offers something for everyone. Modular cabin groupings are designed for multi-generational groups; the Yacht Club provides a luxurious ship-within-a-ship experience; and a variety of package options let passengers choose their own adventure when it comes to price, dining, and what's included.

Families: This is a ship that caters to families with kids. There's a bowling alley, racing simulators, a Lego-themed play room (and a day dedicated to Lego-themed activities), and an aqua park with multiple water slides. Parents can even use the app to track their childrens' locations. 

Don't Say We Didn't Warn You

It's Massive: Up there with the biggest of the big, it's a haul to get from stem to stern.

It's International: You'll likely hear more European languages than English, and some Continental touches  — such as a focus on charcuterie and cheeses rather than, say, more American comfort foods — may come as a surprise to some cruisers with very American preferences.

Dana McMahan
Deal Expert / Travel Blogger