National Geographic Endeavour in the Galapagos
National Geographic Endeavour in the Galapagos / Lindblad Expeditions
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Sea Lion in Galapagos National Park
Sea Lion in Galapagos National Park / Lindblad Expeditions
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Pool Deck
Pool Deck / Lindblad Expeditions
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Category 5 Cabin
Category 5 Cabin / Lindblad Expeditions
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Zodiac excursion in the Galapagos
Zodiac excursion in the Galapagos / Lindblad Expeditions
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Dining Room
Dining Room / Lindblad Expeditions
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Spa / Lindblad Expeditions
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Library / Lindblad Expeditions
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National Geographic Endeavour

Our Ship Review
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Editor's note: This ship is no longer sailing as part of the Lindblad fleet.

Lindblad Expeditions' co-branding partnership with the National Geographic Society turns a Galapagos voyage on Endeavour into a floating university, with naturalists and a magazine photographer on board every sailing. This former work vessel holds 96 passengers in 56 cabins, all of which have either windows or portholes. A lot of thought went into designing the ship to reflect the purpose of the trips, which means locally grown food, handmade textiles, and a glass-bottom floating spa. The real privilege is the up-close and expert view of the show-stopping fauna.

What We Love

Downtime: When you aren't exploring or learning about the area and its natural wonders, you can relax on the sun deck, grab a drink at the bar, or take a steam in the sauna.

Conservation Counts:
 The fragile ecosystem of Galapagos is both the subject of your cruise and the object of it: Lindblad Expeditions-National Geographic passes the hat for the Charles Darwin Research Station to preserve the remote island chain for future generations.

Best Known For

Talking to the Animals: Baby sea lions cuddle up next to you on secluded beaches, penguins dive-bomb you as you snorkel, and tortoises the size of Volkswagens are as curious about you as you are about them.

Adult Field Trips:
The library is the heart of Endeavour, and nightly lectures in the lounge are the evening entertainment highlight. You'll also head out on Zodiac adventures guided by an onboard naturalist who's a specialist in the biology and zoology of Galapagos. You're guaranteed to return home smarter than you left. 

Who It's Best For

Nature Lovers With Money: All this expertise, intellectualism, and conservation-mindedness don’t come cheap, but for obsessive fans of the "yellow book," it’s worth it.

Don't Say We Didn't Warn You

Cabins Are Functional: For the price tag, one might expect glam staterooms. Even the top-tier rooms are without balconies, bathrooms are small, and the design is serviceable, not swank.