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Safari Quest

Our Ship Review
Deal Expert / Travel Blogger

This ship runs on the higher end of UnCruise Adventures' fleet, resembling a luxury yacht with attentive service and a cozy salon that's popular during cocktail hour. The 22-guest Safari Quest also escapes the beaten routes, darting into hard-to-reach places like Alaska's narrow inlets and bays. The real privileges are the up-close brushes with nature, experienced guides, and national park rangers, who often come on board to deliver talks.

What We Love

Top-Notch Service: You'll be on a first-name basis with the bartender, who will always remember how you want your favorite drink (on the rocks with a garnish on top?). Cabin attendants are thorough but unobtrusive.

Casual Group Dining: The ship is in a constant dress-down mode, and you can sit where you please at one of the communal tables. Part of the Safari Quest experience is getting acquainted with fellow passengers over long, leisurely dinners.

Best Known For

Nature Encounters: These cruises are designed to get you off the ship and into nature. Guided hikes into remote forests, kayaking in hidden coves, and paddleboarding along rocky coasts are just a few ways to get that back-to-the-basics experience.

Yachtlike Atmosphere: There are many solitary spots on this ship, which makes it feel like your very own. Soak in the hot tub after a rain forest hike, or head to a quiet corner on one of four decks to watch for humpbacks, orcas, or bears.

Who It's Best For

Adventurers: The ship's distinct niche of passengers includes plenty of active folks — couples, singles, families with teens, and seniors — who want to confront nature head-on. Some activities can be strenuous, though the crew works to include everyone who wants to participate, regardless of fitness level.

Don't Say We Didn't Warn You

It's Not for Budget Travelers: Cruising unconventionally comes at a cost, and experiencing Alaska or the Pacific Northwest on Safari Quest — even in the entry-level cabins with no outside views or much storage — can be expensive. Try one of UnCruise's "Active Adventure" ships for lower price points.