Star Flyer
Star Flyer / Star Clippers
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Star Flyer
Star Flyer / Star Clippers
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Library / Star Clippers
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Piano Bar
Piano Bar / Star Clippers
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Tropical Bar
Tropical Bar / Star Clippers
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View from the Crow's Nest
View from the Crow's Nest / Star Clippers
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Clipper Dining Room
Clipper Dining Room / Star Clippers
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Chicken Roulade
Chicken Roulade / Star Clippers
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Lobster / Star Clippers
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Flan / Star Clippers
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Bow Sprit Net
Bow Sprit Net / Kristen Boatright
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Snorkeling Excursion
Snorkeling Excursion / Star Clippers
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Raising the Sails
Raising the Sails / Kristen Boatright
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Category 1 Stateroom
Category 1 Stateroom / Star Clippers
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Category 2 Stateroom
Category 2 Stateroom / Star Clippers
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Category 3 Stateroom
Category 3 Stateroom / Star Clippers
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Star Flyer Entering Mahón, Menorca
Star Flyer Entering Mahón, Menorca / Kristen Boatright
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Guests help on the Sun Deck
Guests help on the Sun Deck / Star Clippers
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Knot-Tying Class
Knot-Tying Class / Kristen Boatright
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Star Flyer
Star Flyer / Star Clippers
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Star Flyer Bow Sprit
Star Flyer Bow Sprit / Star Clippers
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Main Deck
Main Deck / Star Clippers
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Yoga class on the Main Deck
Yoga class on the Main Deck / Star Clippers
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Guests Dancing on Main Deck
Guests Dancing on Main Deck / Kristen Boatright
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Crew and Guest Fashion Show
Crew and Guest Fashion Show / Kristen Boatright
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Crew and Guest Talent Show
Crew and Guest Talent Show / Kristen Boatright
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Star Flyer

Our Ship Review
Deal Expert / Travel Blogger

The 166-guest Star Flyer was the first of Star Clippers’ trio of clipper ships to debut back in 1991 and was last refurbished in 2014. The gorgeous, four-masted tall ship, which is the twin of 1992’s Star Clipper, combines comfort and a spirit of adventure that appeals to an international mix of old-school ship lovers from all over Europe and North America — so don’t be surprised when announcements are made in English, German, and French. Mostly, though, passengers are left alone to peacefully enjoy the scenery on board (and off) from a padded chaise lounge on the deck.

What We Love

Climbing the Mast: You can climb the rigging to the crow's nest, help pull up the sails, and check out navigational charts — just as sailors did in the old days. 

Casual Dress Code: Nice pants and a polo shirt will do for men, and casual dresses, skirts, and pants with flats are all women need to pack.

Best Known For

Authentic Design: The ship's not a replica straight out of an amusement park. Swedish Founder Mikael Krafft used the architectural drawings of Scottish-born Donald McKay, a leading naval architect in the 19th century, as a model for Star Flyer's design. 

Water Sports: When the vessel anchors in calm seas, guests can use kayaks, sailboats, and paddleboards launched right from the ship or from a nearby beach (crew members will transport gear via tender boat).

Who It's Best For

Couples: Star Flyer is the perfect setting for couples looking to rekindle their romance by relaxing side by side on the sun deck or canoodling in one of two pools. 

Families With Older Children: Although there are no video games or supervised programming, Star Flyer offers a one-of-kind adventure that Jack Sparrow-loving children ages 12 and up will want to brag about.

Don't Say We Didn't Warn You

Dining Room Booths Can Be Annoying: Booths that seat six line two sides of the restaurant; if you have a window or middle seat, you'll have to play musical chairs with your table mates every time you want to get more food.

Cabins Near the Dining Room Can Be Noisy: These cabins are on the receiving end of ambient noise and traffic at mealtimes — a nuisance if you're in your room and not at a table.