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Wilderness Discoverer

Our Ship Review
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You'll find nothing fancy on board this four-deck ship, and no one's complaining. UnCruise Adventure's mantra is that its journeys are about what's off the boat, and Wilderness Discoverer gets you into remote areas to play and explore amid natural wonders. Itineraries cover Alaska as well as the San Juan Islands and Olympic Peninsula in the Pacific Northwest, with excursions to hike and spot the local wildlife. While it's a tight fit for the 76 passengers, you'll find plenty of space on your daily adventures in the great outdoors.

What We Love

Flexible Scheduling: You pick expedition activities the night before you arrive at your next destination, and UnCruise staffers are always ready to tweak activities to find something that fits your interests or ability levels. Groups form for long- or medium-distance hikes or simple picnic strolls, for example.

Bubbles on Deck: The two hot tubs in the aft of the ship are the perfect spots for relaxing and stargazing. You'll also enjoy soaking those sore muscles after an active day ashore. 

Best Known For

Marine Deck: This is where you'll load into skiffs and kayaks to set off on your activities, pick up equipment to try your hand at stand-up paddle boarding, or take a polar plunge.

Wildlife Viewing: When the boat is sailing, guests and crew are always on the lookout for wildlife in the waters or on islands nearby. Announcements are made over the PA so you can grab binoculars and head to the outside decks to spy deer, orcas, gray whales, otters, and bald eagles.

Top Cuisine: Despite being a low-frills ship, the food on board is fantastic, with meat, fish, and vegetarian options available at each dinner. Decadent sweets like blueberry scones, peach mango crumble, and triple chocolate fudge brownies, plus all of the breads are made fresh on board.

Who It's Best For

Those Who Don't Want to Sit Still: Travelers who like a busy schedule and physical challenges find their days packed with cool stuff to do, from morning stretch classes to daily hikes, kayaking, and small boat tours. Cruisers on board might range in age from 30 to 70, and the common theme is that they have a deep interest in the outdoors and keeping active. As a bonus, all activities and excursions are included in your fare.

Don't Say We Didn't Warn You

Squeeze In: You'll find staterooms have tight confines, with a marine head shower and toilet combo in most cabins. Only four top category rooms have separate toilets and showers. Low ceilings (about 6 feet 4 inches) make it necessary for taller passengers to be especially wary while navigating hallways and doorways.