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Wind Surf

Our Ship Review
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Is there anything more romantic than a ship with billowing white sails? It’s no wonder that Windstar Cruises’ flagship sailing yacht, the 342-guest Wind Surf, is a top choice for honeymooners and couples. This small but spacious vessel gets you close to the sea — not 15 stories above it — with comfortable accommodations in snug (188 square feet) but smartly designed staterooms and a friendly crew.

Wind Surf, which was last refurbished in 2019 when its lounge and spa were enhanced, will undergo the first phase of Windstar’s planned Wind Class Refresh in 2024 and the second phase in 2026, during which the ship will undergo significant upgrades to its pool deck, lobby, restaurants, and staterooms.

What We Love

Multiple Dinner Venues: For a small ship, Wind Surf offers a variety of options. Beyond the Amphora main restaurant, you can dine at a contemporary French Stella Bistro, at the buffet-style Veranda restaurant, or outdoors around the pool, with candles flickering in the moonlight.

The Pool Deck: There’s something utterly relaxing about cruising away from port while soaking in one of the hot tubs located after on Wind Surf’s pool deck.

Best Known For

The Sails & Sail Away: Who can resist watching 26,000 square feet of white sails unfurling in the wind? Wind Surf is technically a motor-sail yacht, so the sails are mostly for appearance, but they are used as the sole propulsion between certain ports and they’re dramatic even when not necessary — especially as they are raised at sail-away while the theme for “1492: Conquest of Paradise” by Vangelis plays over the loudspeakers.

Water Sports Platform: When the seas are calm, the platform is lowered into the water so guests can paddle a kayak or ride in a small motorboat.

Who It's Best For

Couples Seeking Relaxation: The majority of Wind Surf guests are couples age 40 and older seeking a romantic, relaxing getaway. 

Don't Say We Didn't Warn You

No Balconies: The ship was built in 1990, before the era of private balconies.

It’s Quiet: After-dinner entertainment includes conversation over a drink or dancing to a two-person combo or band in the lounge or Compass Rose Bar, not a disco that thumps into the wee hours. There’s also no casino on board.